An Apprentice Carpenter at Finish Point is focused on one job – to learn.  Applicants for this position may have some experience in carpentry or the trades in general, but technical experience is not required.  We do require a desire to learn quickly, the ability to ask questions frequently and a passion for service to others.  If you can do these things, then we’ll train you on the technical stuff of finish carpentry.  Apprentice Carpenters are expected to show continual advancement and excellence in their technical abilities, tool acquisition and personal development in the carpentry profession.

Job Description:

The Apprentice Carpenter is an entry level position requiring limited knowledge and experience of the trade with the expectation that he/she will learn quickly.


Assists the Lead and Support Carpenters in performing both non-technical and technical project tasks.


  • Performing general labor as it relates to carpentry tasks
  • Listens and takes direction easily
  • Ask questions
  • Follow directions
  • Personal record keeping
  • Develops a passion for the trade
  • Expected to have a some general hand tools

Additional Information:

Apprentice Carpenters are required to participate in the Apprentice Training Program to learn and enhance their technical skills.

Apprentice Carpenters are also given a yearly Tool Budget to help them acquire the tool set-up that is required to advance within the company.