A Lead Carpenter at Finish Point is a technically skilled craftsman as well as a proficient project manager and mentor.  This is a really big job.  This role requires not only confidence in one’s technical skills but also humility to step back and serve others on the team with leadership.    Our Lead Carpenters are expected to show continual professional advancement in not only their technical abilities but also in the areas of customer service, personal leadership, and business development.  We want our Leads to know as much about the carpentry on their projects as they do about the people and the profits as well.

Job Description:

The Lead Carpenter manages the day-to-day execution of his team members, project scope and schedule.


Planning and execution of project scopes, scheduling and managing project team(s) and company asset allocation to achieve company and project goals.


  • Task allocation to team members
  • Technical instruction to team members
  • Problem solving
  • Responsible for project record keeping
  • Tool and Equipment support
  • Decision making
  • Communication with/between clients and Field Manager
  • Direct Oversight of Support and Apprentice Carpenters
  • Expected to have a complete tool set-up to complete any general finish carpentry task (specialty tools excluded)