A Support Carpenter at Finish Point is a technically skilled craftsman with the ability to work independently or on a team.   Support Carpenters should be competent enough to take direction from others as well as mentor the Apprentice Carpenters.  Our Support Carpenters are expected to show continual advancement and excellence in their technical abilities, task management, and personal development in the carpentry profession.

Job Description:

The Support Carpenter performs production and custom carpentry tasks with little or no oversight required.


Assisting the Lead Carpenters to execute the project scope.


  • Works independently on any carpentry task
  • Communicates directly with Lead Carpenter
  • Installation of several aspects of a given project scope
  • Personal record keeping
  • May have temporary oversight of Apprentice Carpenters
  • Problem solving
  • Expected to have a mostly complete tool set-up to complete any general carpentry task (specialty tools excluded)

Support Carpenter Roles:

Support (Level I), Support (Level II), Support (Level III)